Sunday, 8 June 2008

itchy tattoos

my tattoo is driving me crazy. it's healing really, really well but because of the position of it down my spine it's so itchy! i desperately want to scratch it, but i cant, i have to resort to slapping it which is not a good look, lol.
thank god for bepantham (aka nappy rash creme)

yesterday was pat (my mother in law) 60th birthday. i had organized a photographer to come and take some nice family photos for pat for her birthday from Anthony, myself and this kids. it was great that i could ask and give my business to a mum from school. i can highly recommend her, her photos that she she took were phenomenal, even with 4 kids! Go check out PLC Photography.
we were all a bit paranoid about the weather, but someone must have been on our side yesterday because the weather was just stunning. we had our photos done at Nurragingy Reserve and the gardens were so lusious after all the rain and the ponds were full, so we got some great shots with the ducks in the ponds behind us.
after the photos we went to the Alvroy Tavern to dinner. you so wouldn't guess that we were in Plumton, it's so nice and the food is just yummo. out the back is a huge grassed area and big play area for the kids, which kept them occupied even after dark.
it was such a lovely day, i hope Pat enjoyed herself.

anthony headed down the farm at the crack of dawn and wont be home now till next weekend. connor spent the night at mum's and wont be home till tomorrow. Shanice conned me into letting her have a sleep over at Taleesha's last night and i went and picked her up this morning.
shanice spent the day in and out of the house playing with the kids in the street and i parked my toosh in the backroom, watched (well, listened too) 3 movies and finished the pregnancy journal for Mandy - YAY!!!!! the light is pretty crap now, but i shall take piccies in the morning to share.
i had to ring mum so i could speak to connor, as he was too busy to talk to me earlier today and i couldn't help myself and told mandy i finished it. i hope she'll like it.

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