Sunday, 29 June 2008

friday to sunday

the past 3 days have been a little busy here at the sheppard-morris household.
Friday marked the last day of term 2 for shanice and connor, they are now off on 3 weeks school holidays. on one hand i'm loving them at home cause i get sleep in , lol and on the other hand i am so not looking forward to all the fighting i'm going to have to referee!
during the last week of term the mums from school get together at gloris jeans across the road from school for a coffee and catch up. we spent the entire morning there which was lovely. we thought that next term we should do lunch at the alvroy, and then i said there'd be wine so one of the other mums piped up and said we should do a girls night out instead. great idea i'm definitely in! how a girls night out went from drinks to dinner to dancing to strippers! is beyond me, but we are going to see the sydney Hot Shots at st mary's leagues club this coming friday night. they are such a fun group of girls and although it's not really my cup of tea (unfortunately i can be a bit of a prude sometimes) i reckon it will be a great laugh.

saturday morning took the 4 of us off to the shops bright and early just as the shops opened. we needed a new dvd player for our bedroom as Anthony cracked the shits with ours and threw it in the bin. jb-ho didn't have what we wanted so we re-thought our actions and went the whole hog and got a new plasma, dvd and set top box for our room. before we left we said we weren't going to get a new tv for the bedroom before we bought a new bed and bedroom furniture - but plans change and we just love keeping inflation rates high (note the sarcasm!).
while we were shopping we managed to spend a small fortune on some new cd's and dvd's.
* My Chemical Romance - the black parade is dead cd
* The Offspring's new cd
* Best of the 90's new cd - i'm such a tragic sometimes
* Top Gear cd
* The Anthems cd
* Yellowcard cd
* Good Charlotte cd - there first one cause somehow we were missing it
* Sex and the City season 2 dvd
* Life of Mammals dvd - for connor :)
* In cold Blood dvd - for connor too (but i'll share with him)

We got back about 15 minutes before Tracy and the kids arrived for a visit. we had a lovely afternoon mainly chatting away which is "very" unusual for us, lol. the kids were so good, not saying there not good, but we hardly noticed they were here especially the boys. Alastair has decided that he is going to sleep over in the holidays which will be exciting for connor.
we had dinner and trac did a "sheppard-morris" on me by eating and running - only joshing luvie. and i was in bed by 9.30pm, not asleep but watching my new tv.

today took the four of us plus the ring in - MANDY, to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda. it was really good, the kids loved it and some parts we very funny.

Mandy and went to Baby's Galore. there were so many people! suppose getting in there last minute shopping before 1st July when the baby bonus sky rockets. mandy was getting some cot sheets when i found the most adorable nappy bag. i'm not into nappy bags and found them a complete waste of time and money, i used connor thomas the tank engine kids backpack - it was the perfect size for everything. this one was gorgeous, a great size, had good little pockets and inclusions that were practical and fabric was divine. AND the price didn't stop her either! Mandy's genuine Guess bags don't cost that much let me just say that!

We got home and i had the intention of hanging out 2 loads of washing which i did and i wanted to scrap, which i didn't! instead i took connor to the doctors. when we got home he was complaining of his ear being very sore and it turns out the poor bugger has a nasty middle ear infection. now when the doctors saying to him "no wonder it hurts it's very nasty in there" and "oh dear" and "ummmm.... ahhhhh" it's gotta be bad! so we now have him on antibiotics for a week and no swimming so there goes my plans of taking the kids to pool this week to use up our 10 visit pass.

i grabbed the camera this afternoon too cause i thought the kids could do a "School Holiday Diary" on the computer and put pictures and stuff (like the movie ticket stubs) in it using the computer. so here are some.

Just after we got from the doctors this afternoon, feeling yuk but with a mum saying "just give me one smile and i'll leave you alone" connor just had to smile even with a mouth full of apple
another "just hurry up and take the photo and no i'm not brushing my hair, just photoshop it out" look for mum
love this pic
something else broke on the mini today and was trying to pull it all apart to fix it, he wasn't a happy camper let me just put it that way, so i thought to cheer him up i'd take a few pics of it for him. the reflection of the tree on the front quater panel looks like on of those tree in africa - what are they called?
it is a cute car, i just dont want to get in it again, lol

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