Monday, 19 May 2008

weekend of scrapping

i had the most awesome weekend..............................
on friday lunch time i set off to pick up Chantelle from her house at Rouse Hill and we were off to our weekend away scrapping at La Perouse. We went on an "adventure" getting there as went a different way as we planned, but we didn't get lost and got there in about 45 minutes.
Tracy and Sherri had gotten there a little bit before us and had already unpacked all their stuff.
What a gorgeous place. The views were amazing and i could have quite happily spent the entire weekend sitting on the verandah soaking up the the sun and peace & quiet, but i was on a mission to scrap! Not much was on my agenda, but i set myself a goal of :
* 1 layout
* deciding what to do with a class for the july retreat
* starting mandy's pregnancy journal

well........ i surpassed my own expectations and completed 3 layouts, decided what to do with the christmas class and started it, started the pregnancy journal and did 5 tags about the weekend. I'm so chuffed, lol. anyone that knows me knows that i'm a procrastinator and would much rather chat and watch others scrap than do anything myself!
here are a pics of my layouts.
i dont think i've laughed so hard for ages. it was so good to get away with some fabulous friends that i feel so comfortable around. we could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted and it was wonderful to have that sort of freedom even if it was only for 2 days.
on saturday we decided it was such a glorious day that we should make the most of it and go for a little wander around. i think we were gone over 2 hours and it was great. we checked out the "castle" and then went down to bear island and walked around it. it was hilarious setting up the cameras to take the group photos, lol. you girls know what i'm on about! it is so picturesque there and i so want to take my little kidlets down there for a photo shoot, i'd go biserk!
yesterday, that being sunday we weren't in any hurry or rush to pack up and i dont think i had any idea what time we actually did leave. i think it was after we all finished our last layout.
i eventually got home at 6.30 just in time to make the kids a bit of dinner, give them big squeezes and tuck them into bed.
i can't wait till the next time we go!
........ photo to come soon when we swap each others piccies.


Tracy said...

What an AWESOME weekend it was!!! I had the BEST time.

Lets do it again real soon!!!
Trac x

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I came to your blog through the roadmaps blog. Just wanted to say that I think your page that you did for roadmaps is awesome! Good job!
Dannii xx