Wednesday, 28 May 2008

going button crazy

anthony came in to the backroom last night and pronounce "OMG!! not another craft!"
yep, i'm going button crazy....... making my own buttons.

so far i think i've made about 45 buttons. the kids are loving helping me choose colours to go together and little designs to go on top of the round ones. i've also done a stack of cute cupcakes, some flip flops, ice cream cones, balloons and flowers.
i can't actually sit still when watching tv at night so this is a great thing to keep my fingers busy!
i've also got grand plans for a stack of cupcake projects too.
and while talking of cupcakes....... i'm updating my sidebar with a heap of new cupcake links.

connor is at home with me today. he's not sick, he's just not in a good place atm and i just can't snap him out of it. i've tried all sorts of different strategies that we haven't done in the past but so far nothing is working. today he awoke in a really bad mood and rather than subject the other children in his class to this i've thought it best to keep him at home just for today. i found a stack of shanice's old year 3 work books so i've spent the morning copying the pages and so far he has completed about 2 maths pages, 2 handwriting pages and 1 comprehension page.


granniebea said...

The buttons are beautiful. Are you going to teach them at the Christmas Crop????????????????????
I don't think my sanity can stand another craft, but I do love your buttons

Tracy said...

Gorgeous buttons Luvie ;) You have been busy.
Hope Connor is felling better today, give him a hug from us.
See ya soon
Trac x