Thursday, 29 May 2008

today's the day

i'm sooooooooooooo excited!!!
it's going to hurt a little bit, but for some odd reason getting tatts don't hurt me. it's going to be fun trying to drive home, i wont be able to sit back against my seat.
edited to add: here's the pics
not great shots, as they were done in crappy light and so i could show mum (she's seeing them tomorrow anyway - go figure). I'll get trac to take a better pic this weekend.
Sam did the most amazing job. the lines are just perfect and for a 24 year old he has a fantastic future ahead of him. so if you want a great tattooist - sam at wicked ink, penrith is highly recommended.
sam thought the lotus would be better at the nape of my neck as i have such a sway back it would get lost under the symbols, and i love it there.
dad would be so proud of me. i spoke to him while i was driving home after i got it. he'd give me a hard time but he'd love it, i know. mum also wanted the photos to show dad. i know it's completely corning and we cant let go, but he is a part of our family still and we want to include him in the things that we do. last week mandy had he ultra sound photos there to show him the bebe, so now this week it's my turn.

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Princess Tamara said...

Oh wow babe .... I LOVE it! Very noice.