Tuesday, 27 May 2008

ink & rangers

so right now i have some fantastic news and some pain in the arse news.
starting with the good news.......... being a woman it is my prerogative to change my mind and that is exactly what i have done about my tattoo. i went up to wicked ink this morning and saw sam who is doing my tatt on thursday. i told him my concerns as to where i wanted my ink and that i'd now like to change it. i spent this morning moving all the symbols to a vertical pattern, so i can now have the tattoo running down my spine.
i did think of it going in a circle but i just dont know where to put it!
sam is going to design a lotus for me too to go at the bottom of the tattoo. i'm really happy now. it's going to be heaps bigger than i originally had it, and that makes me even happier.
i also got a price for the next tatt - my pirate faerie, that is going down my side. sam suggested i get a matching angel on the other side and i think that is an awesome idea.

now onto the pain in the arse news........ my ranger has been ordered - YAY!!!! but it's going to take 8 weeks before it arrives! there is not one in australia in the colour i want so ford has to make it and then add my specifications. grrrrrrrr........ not happy.
but at least i know it is brand spanking new when it arrives.

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