Monday, 12 May 2008

mums day

i love being a mum!
ever since i was about 18 and in high school i knew that this is what i wanted to do with my life. i get so much joy and pride seeing the happy laughter from my childrens faces.
sure motherhood can be tricky and more often than not i find myself yelling like a banshee, but i wouldn't change a thing.
i received a handmade card from each of my kids yesterday as well as one each that was store bought, and on Connor's card he wrote "he loves me cause i'm the best mum and in the world and because i make his lunch". what more could i ask for. all the material pressies (that were divine i might add) didn't mean as much as this card. i will treasure it.

we went to Crosslands for a picnic lunch, which is were we spend family fun day. it was packed, so different as to when we normally go and it's quiet. the kids played in the park, rode their bikes and ran off all their excess energy.

mum, mandy, pat and michael emt us there and it was such a nice family day. bot many photos to share unfortunately as i was too busy being caught up with enjoying myself.

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Tracy said...

Glad you guys had a lovely day :)

Only 2 days to go!!!!!!! Mwahahahah!!!

Talk Soon
Trac x