Monday, 14 January 2008

what is with.....

....... this CRAZY, CRAZY Weather?
Yesterday we were all dying of heat exhaustion and today it's raining and i sent my kids off to the babysitters with jumpers on! Is it me, or is it just pure craziness? LOL

Now i promised myself this is a short one, lol. The house is quiet with everyone in bed so i thought i'd sneak on the computer, do a blog entry and load an million things onto ebay so i can get my friend a gorgeous wedding gift instead of a OK pressie. And it has to be quick cause i brought home the preview to "elizabeth-the golden age" tonight and i've been dying to see it, i loved the first one and i just think cate blanchet is the most phenomenal actress ever! Big statement coming from someone who has been in the industry over 17 years! LOL

Oh and i want to cook banana bread too while i watch it. Mum bought me about 10 banana's late last week for 70c a kilo - bargain! they are starting to turn so i'd better do something with them instead of watse them.

How Random am i tonight? it must be the lack of sleep catching up with me.

Yesterday in all that heat - all 38 degree's of it, I took the kids up to the Reptile Park at Gosford. We love it up there and go a few times a year. well, i bit the bullet and bought and annual pass. It worked out to be 2 and a half entries, so that's a great saving i reckon. i probably think we'll go again before school goes back as it was really too hot yesterday to see much.
We left just after the crocodile feeding and we were going to the beach, but it was too hot to go, so we promised the kids slip and slide in the shade at nanny's instead, which was fine.
the new saltwater croc - ELVIS
the memorial of Eric
I was having a sticky a little while ago at Tracy's blog (hi trac, see you tomorrow!!!) and she has got a "word for 2008". I did laugh and thought to myself that i dont possibly have time for a word for this year, and then i thought "SURVIVE" might be a good one, lol. Let's see if i can survive yet another year, to make it thru with all the obsitcles that life throws at me (and there already has been a few big ones) and come out at the end happy, cause that is my main aim!

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