Tuesday, 1 January 2008

a new year.......

i am so pleased to start a new year a fresh. 2007 had to have been the crappiest year ever and i dont to ever go though anything like that ever, ever again.
we entered 2008 with a few tears and a little emptiness. but i have someone so wonderful looking out for me up there that i know that this year will be tough but it will bring good things.
so i have been informed by sheree that i really need to update my blog, lol!!! i promised her i'd do it 2 days again but i got distracted - AGAIN!
so here goes
the week before Christmas we went up to Smiths Lake (near Forster). We rented a lovely house right on the lake. I could so move up there, it's so peaceful and every ones nice and in no particular hurry. We went late night shopping on the Thursday night - the Thursday before Christmas mind you and we got a park right outside the door and it was great! You certainly don't get that here in Sydney.
We didn't do a great deal for the week. we went to the beach, went fishing on the lake, had lots of cups of coffee, we to Seal Rocks to the lighthouse, went into Forster and hired a aqua bike, went to the movies and saw Bee Movie, went to the beach some more.

It was exactly what we needed. To get away....... we even took Dad with us so he didn't get lonely at home by himself.

We arrived back home on the Saturday before Christmas. The following day the kids and i were headed off down to Tracy's for a Chrissy BBQ. All the kids had an absolute ball playing together. We arrived at about 10.30am and swear it was about 10pm when i walked back in the door at home. It was a long day, but i just love going down to Tracy's. We chatted and laughed, ate far too much food and took some crazy photos which was well over due of the 4 of us!

I had to work for a few hours on Christmas Eve which was fine. Not that i had my thinking cap on at all, lol. i think the majority of my customers that came thru the door just shook their heads at me, lol. It worked pretty good working cause it meant i could pick up all those last minute items from Woolies. I was so surprised in there too, outside they were cued at least 1km to get in the car park, and yet in Woolies itself was rather empty, i got in a cue to pay with no one in it! Go figure
We had a quiet one on Christmas Eve. Just before bed the kids sprinkled reindeer food all over the back lawn which they thought was the bees knees. Because of the excitement doing that we forgot to leave out a beer and biscut for Santa, but i reckon he probably got enough to eat at all the other kids homes.

Shanice arose Christmas Morning at about 5.30am. We could hear her tossing and turning in her bed, and then she went and got Connor and told him to come and wake us so she wouldnt get in trouble, lol. We all got up at about 5.50am which is far too early for me!
The kids had all their presents opened in record time by about 6.20am, god love em! Thank goodness this year Santa didn't have a lot of gifts with excess packaging to unwrap.
My inlaws came over about 8am with more presents in tow. Cause they weren't spoilt enough already, lol. They we had a lovley bbq breakie of bacon, eggs, hash browns and baked beans - YUM!!!
We tidied up a tad and packed a bag each and headed off to mum and dads for Christmas lunch. We had decided to stay the night at mums because it's going to be hard enough for me and mandy this christmas let alone mum and we need to be there for each other - isn't that what christmas and families are all about?
well...... more presents were to be unwrapped when we arrived! I must say the kids were very spoilt this year especially, but thats ok i reckon! Even i was spoilt, i just love all my beautiful pressies.

Photos will come soon as i just realised that i deleted them off my memory card by accicent! DERRRR...... i thought i'd uploaded them already and deleted them off. Good thing i put them on mums computer. So next time i go up i will put them on the flash drive and bring them home.

We've had a nice week at home. Anthony's been home for the past week too. He starts his new job tomorrow which we are both very excited about. I'm so pleased for him. The money will be excellent and get us out of a bit of a whole but the main thing is he will be happy and he will be using all the knowledge he has to the best of his potential - does that make sense or is it getting late and i'm waffling?

Oh! i scrapped too while we were away at Smiths Lake. Here are my few Chrissy layouts for Scraploot. I am hoping to get some more done in the next couple of days too. Fingers crossed

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