Friday, 4 January 2008

can you hear that?

NO!!! neither can i. It is the sound of quiet.
That's right, i have the whole house to myself tonight.
I went down to visit Tracy yesterday and she said that one of my kids could stay a couple of days if i wanted. Well Shanice was very quick to put her hand up to that one.
My mum came over today to help me go thru the kids waredrobes and sort thru all their old clothes, 3 garbage bags for vinnies and 1 massive bag for ebay later. Anyway Connor wanted to go home with her.
And that leaves Anthony! He headed off to Canberra at lunch time for Summernats.
So here i am at home alone, in the dark cause i'm to lazy to get up and put the lights on, and i dont have too cause no one else is here!!!!
What have i done all afternoon while it's been so quiet - well i ironed, vaccumed, then sat on my bum and watched a movie "No Reservations" while eating sara lee ultra choc ice cream, i cried just because i hate doing it with everyone else around, then i finally decided to go and scrap, so i've pushed a few bits of paper around and stuck some down, lol.

So that's it!!!! Dont know how well i'll sleep tonight, as i can't sleep anyway, but we'll see how i go

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