Wednesday, 2 January 2008

calendar of events

every school holidays, without fail, my cherubs ask me continuously "What are we doing today mum?". So last night i sat up and made a massive January 2008 calendar.
It is huge, i used a massive sheet of butchers paper.
We put on there all the things we already have planned for the next month and i'm sure there is more to come.
I stuck it on the wall down our hall way were we have all the time tables posters, blending sounds, space posters and Connors shark posters. All the sight words have now been taken down as they both dont need them any more. Even though it makes our kitchen/living room look a tad bit messing it has been invaluable as they pass this wall all the time and look at it. You might not think it works but just glancing at it 20 times a day, it starts to sink in after a while. And i figure our place isn't just a house its a home!

i can hear them now, in the kitchen, unsupervised making Milly Milkshakes in shanice's new milkshake maker! Oh i can just picture the mess, lol. But at least they are having fun.

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