Tuesday, 22 January 2008


i'm just starting to get into the swing of these school holidays and are really enjoying them.
and now there is only one week left! I think i'm already for the kids to go back to school. I know i still haven't gotten them school shoes, but i'm pretty sure their ones from last year still fit so i'll wait till the rush is over and get them in a few weeks time.
Anthony and i have been looking into getting Base lessons for Connor this year. he is super keen to be like Mikey from MCR, but he'd be cuter as the lead singer i reckon - biased mum here! I think from what we've been told that he'd have to start off with a guitar first and in a few years progress to the base - something to do with the strings being thicker and harder for his little fingers to manipulate, can you tell i'm not musically minded. Ant said he'd go for lessons with him so they could pratice together!!!! I wonder if i can convince them to sound proof my scrap room and get a lock from the inside, lol.
Speaking of Anthony...... it was our wedding anniversary today. 8 years!!!
We spent a lovely romantic evening having pizza from the food court and then going to see National Treasure 2. I honestly dont care if it doesn't sound romantic cause it's "us". Both of us aren't into all that stuff, so it was just fitting. He did spoil me though, buying me some great pressies and i felt a bit guilty cause i didn't get a chance to go and get him anything, so today me and kids raced down to the local game shop and bought him a PS3 game he wanted. There goes my spare cash for the rest of the holidays, lol, they are so expensive!

I'm so glad that i did that calendar poster for the kids at the start of the holidays. It has worked so well, i'm even considering doing it for each month of the year. the kids never asked me what we were doing they always just walked up to the poster to check instead. Plus with it being there, i felt guilty if a day was empty, so it was quickly filled up, so we've have pretty much been flat out all school holidays, whcih has been great.

I've been very slack though with taking photo's though these holidays too. i think it's been both me and the kids, i forget to take the camera and when i do the kids aren't interested in getting their photos taken and wont conform!

We have another busy day tomorrow with both Tracy and Sheree coming over for lunch. Crap that reminds me to go and buy lunch stuff, lol. i forgot today! it should be great. we've got some fun things planned for the kids to do too. so they should be entertained while we chat.

well i'd best get my butt into bed so i remember to get up early and clean the house before my visitors arrive. i will take photos tomorrow and share them - i promise.

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