Wednesday, 9 January 2008

a just because reason.....

............. i reckon is good enough to blog about!!!
I had the nicest day today. Don't know why it particularly nice, it just was.

This morning started off a bit early as i had to open the shop, so the kids came with me and mum picked them up. They were going to Castle Hill to Alvin and the Chipmunks, but when they got to pay for the tickets they only had front row left so decided not too as the kids necks would be bent so far back for 2 hours.
After work i took the kids up to mums cause mum had an appointment with her financial planner. It became quite warm so we wandered up the shop for an ice cream and then came back home and went on the slip and slide! the kids just love it. And when the water pools at the bottom instead of wasting it (which i soooooo know we shouldn't be doing - but it's only for 15 minutes and its a trickle) i scoop it up in the bucket and water the plants! No wastage at our house.
When mum came home we headed off down to Brooklyn for a play in the park and fish and chips for dinner. Typical me, took my camera up to mums but that's where i left it, but i managed a few happy snaps with my mobile - the piccies are fantastic on it.
Nothing special, it was just a really nice day.
Last night Anthony and I had an appointment with a child psychologist about Connor. We just don't want him starting the new school year with Mr Anger/Anxiety coming back and rather than leaving it and hoping it will go away we're on to it like a flash.
Our session went for an hour where we had to paint a picture of him. We all know he has funny little quirks, but it seems we were painting him out to be this little monster which he isn't. And it's not all the time that he behaves badly cause the majority of the time he is a loving little boy and i'm not biased cause i'm the first to tell EVERYONE that my kids are feral and are naughty, they aren't perfect - but who is? Maybe i'm just too honest and up front, and maybe i should pretend like everyone else! Crap, i'm waffling.
Anyways, i asked Jita if we were making sense to her, and she said from little things we've mentioned it could be Autism. HELLO, rewind! When we first saw a psychologist 2 years ago we had a sneaking suspicion it could be but Connors characteristics were very minor and it wasn't picked up on then, so i hadn't thought about it again. She said if it is, which it probably isn't, it would be a form of autism that only a specialist could detect and diagnose.
So the past 24 hours i have been watching everything he does with a different set of eyes on. We have to now fill in 2 observation forms as well as my mum and sister filling in them too. Once we return them she can determine which tests we go to from there - Autism one or Behavioural one.
I can deal with it if he does a form of Autism, that's fine. But to have a stigma put on him, i dont think i'll like. There's certainly been a lot for me and Anthony to comprehend in the past 24 hours! We thought we were going there because of our quirky little guy who needs some better methods of dealing with his quirks, anger and anxiety!

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Tracy said...

(((((Huggs))))) Huney... I hope the 'professionals' can set you on the right track... Just remember he has come a long was since this time last year.

See you soon
Trac x