Wednesday, 23 January 2008

my "FAMOUS" friend

it's official, my gorgeous friends Tracy has now revealed that she is a part of Scrapbooking Memories Creative Team for the next 12 months.
So proud of you girlie. Now Sheree and i can stalk yet another "famous" scrapper and i can gloat that i knew you before you were famous, LOL!!!!!!

Speaking of Miss Tracy and Miss Sheree they both came over today for our playday. It was great to just sit around and chat. The kids played really well for most of the time except for the occasional disagreement (mainly my two - grrrrr, lets not go there with them!).
It was just what i needed as today (and yesterday) were actually really bad days for me! I'm finding myself yelling all the time and feeling extremely highly strung. Don't know why, i know my anxiety has been playing up real bad lately - deep breaths haven't been doing the trick!.
so you get 3 scrapper in the same room with 5 kids and you "expect" that one of them would have a camera handy wouldn't you. especially when 2 of them are doing a "photo a day journal" wouldn't you? WRONG not one of us had a camera - even me! Anthony had taken mine for the day as he had to visit some sites for inspection. So i pulled out my mobile cause it's got a great little inbuilt camera.

Here are few pics from today of the 5 kids.

did we scrap - NO! i think i did stick a few bits of pp on a couple of jumbo playing cards (a future Scrap Girls Project). But it was a lovely day - thanks girls
Tomorrow we are off to my friends Dallas's. My kids love playing with her 2 girls, and they're not doubt hoping it's warm enough to go swimming.

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