Saturday, 26 January 2008

a civilized Hen's Day

before i start...... Happy Australia Day everyone!!!!

my friend skye is getting married next weekend. i think she is last of us to take the plunge out of all our school friends. we couldn't let this special occasion go by without some sort of a Hen's day, so because we are all grown up now and are much more sophisticated (LOL!!!!!) we though we spend the afternoon getting manicures, pedicures and top it off with High Tea.
it was a great afternoon. i really enjoyed myself and so did the other girls.
you should see the menu for the teas to pick from. i think it took us all about half an hour to decide. i highly recommended the Blood Orange one from the last time i went, and this time i went for the Panna Cotta - YUM!!!!! omg it was good.
i couldn't help myself and took my camera along, i did feel like a bit of a dill, but you get that. people must have thought we were most peculiar when we stood in a circle and i took a pic of all our nicely manicured toes!
it was only day we all had free to get together and do it before her wedding, so our Australia Day celebrations got put off and we are celebrating tomorrow instead. we (being us 4, my mum, my sister, anthony's parents, and dal, stu and the girls) are headed to Fagan Park for the day. i can't wait. it's been ages since we've been there. it will be hard to start with as it's a place we all used to meet before dad got sick and there are so many happy memories there with Dad and the kids running and playing and exploring there.
i've made homemade vanilla cupcakes tonight and when they are cooled we will the Aussie touch on them - green and gold baby! i'm putting my christmas pressie to good use tonight testing out the recipes from my cupcake cookbook.

i'll leave you with a few pics from my lovely day today.

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