Sunday, 29 January 2006

Those Black Shoes

Connor came home late yesterday afternoon from mum & dads cause he missed his mum. AAAAHHHHH!!!!! It didn't last long let me tell you, 2 minutes after setting foot in the house he's wasn't fighting with Shanice and it was on.
Anyways, it was a lovely day outside today, so when the sun was getting lower I grabbed Connor's new shiny black school shoes and took them outside for there own little photo shoot.
I must practice more with my camera I think.
I was also on a cooking roll this afternoon, and for those that know me well - I DONT COOK!!!
I made gingerbread which is in the fridge till tomorrow, a rice salad (that was an adventure, first time, and it wasn't very nice, lol) , jelly and pancakes. I'm exhausted thinking of all that food. Then on top of that I had to prepare for a bbq dinner.
all that cooking equals 3 loads of washing up and I hate washing up as much as I hate cooking.
On another note, Ant built me the shelf to hang the kids school bags on when he came home from the farm. He have it an undercoat because I've now decided to repaint the entire house. Ant said I need to pick a colour scheme and I chose Pink and Chocolate and he said he'd move out. Oh what a dilemma, LOL. I definately go for the chocolate with a sand or mustard and maybe some red or lime green. That may look rather nice. I can see a trip to Bunning paint dept coming on.
Well the fourth lot of washing up is calling, great, I'm thrilled.

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veronica said...

LOL on the cooking thing, you who organised the recipe swaps HA!

Painting, i have FINALLY picked my colours and am now looking at the purchase of the paint...and then....THE PAINTING! so i hear ya!

Would have loved the pink and chocolate, but think i will definately be having a pink bedroom.