Thursday, 26 January 2006

Cleaning YUK!

In order to earn a bit of extra dosh to pay off those chrissy debts i put my hand up to go into Ant's office and do a bit of filing and archiving. Today I decided was the day to start. But then I had second thoughts as to the "boring office work" and decided to clean the kitchen and toilets for Ant. At least then I knew he was working in a hygienic environment.
Boy! was I wrong. I have never seen anything so grose in my life. It took me 3 hours to scrub the kitchen sink, toilet and wash basin. I said I come back next week to do the second toilet and the fridge.
You see Anthony doesn't go down there. His 2 bosses occasionally come in and they are the ones that make the filth and don't clean up and Anthony doesn't feel it's part of his job , and I dont blame him after what I did today.
This is how bad it is. I found milk in the fridge over 6 months old, yoghurt I didn't check and eggs????? I think I'll be needing a gas mask for that little adventure.

On another note, Scrap Girls is moving along quite nicely. Almost have the small loan to get some advertising. I've sent the cheque today for the business registration so then I can start getting in thick with those wholesalers. The website is sort of getting there. Needs some more tweaking.
Caz has asked dear Melanie to be another one of my teachers. I may need to do a bit of conning there, lol. But still no "famous scrapper" that I've told everyone I'm getting. Not saying that Caz, Trac and Mel aren't famous (they are in my eyes - love their work), but I need a big name puller, lol. Hellllloooooo....... any ideas, any takers !!!!!!!!!
That's it I'm starting to crap on , AGAIN, I'm going to bed it's late and I have to work tomorrow on god damn Australia Day all day and I'm not getting public holiday rates, damn work place agreement.
Off to bed, night.

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