Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Just the gist

There has been a lot of goings ons in the past week, where do I start.
On Wednesday last week we headed down the farm with the kids and "the dog", now that was one fun trip - NOT. I ended up sitting in the back next to Indi cause she wouldn't stop biting Shanice, but little did I know that she would do the same to me. GRRRR.....
We took the kids to Questacon in Canberra on Thursday morning, which they enjoyed. There was heaps of people and they couldn't really get close enough to enough all the hands on things to do, but they had a good time anyway. We went to my pub for lunch. And yes I did enjoy my yearly Drover's lunch, lol. I think the kids thought the old English pub was an interesting place. Connor couldn't understand what the chamber pots were hanging from the ceiling.
Next we went shopping, LOL, in the Canberra heat and dry wind. What were we thinking. I did grab some great goodies I might add.
We drove home on Friday afternoon, the kids were driving me up the wall. They have 5 acres to run around in but they play inside, in the same room I'm in, even after Anthony spent 2 hours putting up their swing set.

New Years was a fizzer. We had grand plans of joining Cheryl and Jason in the city at the apartment they rented to watch the fireworks and get pissed, but I ended up nauseous and Anthony couldn't get off the toilet, we think we ate something bad for lunch the day before.
So instead of partying we thought we'd make a start re-arranging the playroom/scrapping room/ kids study. Again - what was we thing? 2 days later and it's now tidy and the junks all gone but it needs 2 more days work re-building shelves and stuff.
I have never seen my house look like such a tip - even after Christmas. There was not square of this house that didn't have a mess in it. Even my bedroom took a beating and I so don't want to clean that up. YUKI!!!
What more I can't believe we did all that mess in the 46 degree heat on new years day. There must be something wrong with our heads, nop it's just the silly season, LOL.

Well, it was back to work today. The norm. Yep, got no words for that one, I'm stumped, LOL.

I did make some New Years Resolutions for this year, which is so not me, LOL. They are:
* Loose at least 10 kilos (but first must eat all the left over chrissy choices in the fridge)
* I'd like to do at least 1 layout a week
* Get my Scrap Girls business going (more so than it is now)
* Give those beautiful bebe's of mine more squeezes everyday
* I'd like to be published once more
* Get more sleep

I think that's it for now.


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