Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Up grows my little man

Well, I've survived. The dreaded day my little baby boy has come and gone and I'm ok now, lol.
Connor was so excited about starting "big school" today that he was up at 6.45am and dressed ready to go by 7.45am. And we didn't have to get to school until 9.30. Bless his socks.
He posed for numerous photos outside the house before Anthony drove Shanice to school for normal time. Then it was every 2 seconds, "Are we going yet Mum?".
.... finally it was time to leave, and thank god mum was with me or I would have been a blubbering mess walking back to the car. He walked to the classroom, KM, the same room and teacher Shanice had for kindy, gave me a little hug said goodbye and that was it. Hello where does that leave the mum, my ambilical cords are not ready to be cut yet!!!!!
I felt a little lost and empty. A whole new era was about to unfold and was not prepared to let let it happen. I have been at home with the kids for 7 years now and I've forgotten what to do with myself, sure I'm going to have a good time, but I figure out what to do, how does one start to think about themselves only for 6 hours a day?
But this is Connor's big, exciting day, not mine.
I arrived to pick him up at 2.30 so we could go into the class room and see what he'd done for the day. He coloured for about 10 minutes and then when Mrs Mcleod started talking he told me he'd had enough and wanted to go home, lol. Little did he know that we now had to wait for the bell to go and Shanice to come out of her class room.
It was sticking hot this arvo and because i hadn't been home to put the air on it was toasty roasty in the house. I asked the kids to get changed which is normal, Shancie had no problems doing that, but Connor liked his uniform that much he wanted to keep it on, lol.
Well that hard work has been done now, so bring on tomorrow I say.

.......will post photos next week on the 6th. I've exceded this months broadband allowance, which is just typical, and the photos are taking forever to upload.
Oh yay and I've increased my broadband so now Anthony has even more reason to bitch at me for being on the puter longer, LOL!

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sheree said...

Oh it sounds like the little man had a great day... cant wait to see the pics of him... how you feeling now... did you find stuff to do.. LOL .. i sat around all day lost as well.. oh well it will change soon... give him a big hug from me and tell him i said congrats on starting big school.. talk to you soon