Thursday, 4 December 2008

todays the 4th

Happy, Happy Birthday to my Grandpa today and a gorgeous friend of mine that i've known since i was 8 - Tanya!
I'm sure there was someone elses birthday today too, the 4th is ringing a bell, but for the life of me i just can't remember who it is - so Happy Birthday to you to :)

so i can keep up with my photo a day album for December I've decided to write little notes here on my blog so when i comes time for me to actually start writing in it with the photos i can remember what i did on each day

I met my mum and Mandy at Castle Hill this morning. Mum had won some vouchers in a raffle to spend at the Good Guys so Mandy and I went along to help her decide what to get, lol. I could have bought heaps but mum was struggling. We finally decided on a water chiller, new kettle, ironing board cover, salt and pepper mills and i scored a water chiller too for the kids. And they LURVE it.
I struggle to get Connor to drink water but he loves using the Neverfail water, so this is just as exciting and he has gone berserk with it this afternoon. I just hope the novelty doesn't wear off too soon.
I finished scrapping my xmas pressies this afternoon - YAY!!!
I bought these from Aussie Scrap Source to test them out for a potential class for a retreat next year. I don't think we will use it as a class, but i love how it turned out. I was very frugal (typical) with my cutting and was able to add heaps of extra pages to the album too.
I'm going to try and get to Clive Peter's tomorrow to print my photos, and they can be wrapped.

Please Note - thumb is still sore from craft knife incident on Monday evening. It is really hard to scrap after doing the washing up when my skin is all soft from being in the water and i tend to get stuff stuck in the cut! yuk!

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