Monday, 22 December 2008


we've been extremely busy, busy, busy here in the sheppard-morris household that i haven't had time to update my december photo a day - so here goes.................

21st december 2008

lamington cupcakes AND.............................................
my gorgeous hubby bought me flowers for the very first time. this makes me one happy lady

20th december 2008

our traditional christmas lunch at Tracys'

19th december 2008

Reptile Park - Gosford. With mum, mandy and Hunter
And........ i won the raffle at the end of year Swim School chirtsmas party, wooo hoooo :)
18th december 2008

ffee that turns into lunch with the girls from school

17th december 2008

hristmas Lunch with the girls at Dal's

16th december 2008
Movies with Tammy, Ethan & Riley to see High School Musical 3
First santa photo with Hunter (picture to come)
15th december 2008

Swimming & dinner at Grandma's

14th december 2008

Thelma & Louise drive home from sunny QLD

13th december 2008

Create 08 with Heidi Swapp - Brisbane QLD
Dinner with the Tarisota girls and us few ring in's, lol

12th december 2008

Kylie & Tracy drive to Queensland.......

11th december 2008

visiting baby hunter & Maccas

10th december 2008

Hunter was born and Presentation Night

9th december 2008

reports came home
8th december 2008
decorating the christmas tree

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Chris Millar said...

Hi Kylie, just wanted to drop by and say how lovely it was to meet you a couple of weeks ago. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!