Sunday, 28 December 2008

been scrappin'

no! you haven't gone crazy.............. i have actually been doing a little bit of scrapping.
I'm trying desperately to do some more of my Scrap Girls Retreat album. So far I've now finished the first 3 retreat - lots more to go though.

Here are the last 3 from the May 2006 retreat:

and here are the one's from November 2006 retreat at Blue Gum Lodge, Springwood:

Christmas was a chaotic present frenzy just like every other year - and i just love every minute of it. this year was extra special cause the Blue Baby - Hunter was here to share it with us. To me it's not about the presents (although it is nice) but about the time being spent with the people i love the most and the giving and seeing the joy on their faces. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

It is a hard time of year and we (me, mum and Mandy) all had a few tears to shed. But Dad certainly did make his presence known as we moved him to the lounge room then to the back room to watch us all play the Wii and then back to lounge to help Connor build his Lego.

Shanice bearly slept on Christmas Eve, waking every hour. and at 4.30am came in to me and said "mum, he's been. can we open presents now?", well......... i said "NO", lol. she managed to last until 6.19am and went to get Connor first before coming back into wake me and Anthony.
I think they opened their presents from Santa in record time this year. the Santa sacks were like waving a red flag to a bull!
The second influx of presents arrived with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunty Shell and Uncle Mark arriving for breakfast at 8am. it was really nice to sit around and watch the kids play happily and then eat a yummy breakie.
at about 10.30am we headed up to mums for Christmas lunch. we had the best time eating, chatting, playing in the paddling pool & slip n' slide. Me..... well, i just held my nephew the entire time i was there. I love that little man and much as i love my own beautiful kids.
we spent the night at mums so the kids could enjoy their day and we didn't have to rush! Anthony did leave to go home as he is now working in Canberra till the New Year and will then stay for an extra couple of days for the Summernats.
here area few piccies from our day:
the present opening madness
Hunter wasn't really impressed that we dressed him up!
Hunter playing with his Noah's Ark from his favourite Aunty Kylie
This is where Connor sat all Christmas afternoon, all Christmas night and then again all Boxing day. he wouldn't leave Nan's until he finished his Lego Agents Mission 6 that Nan had bought for him. he did all himself too
This is my favourite photo of Shanice and Hunter. She just dotes on him and it's so beautiful to watch.

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Maevan said...

Marry Christmas Morrises!

I hate to break this to you Kylie, but your kids no longer look like you, they're all Anthony now - even Conner and Hunter is gorgeous with all that hair. All the best in the future