Monday, 8 December 2008

3 days..............

my life is full of 3 days atm
  • 3 days of photos to catch up on
  • 3 days of school left for my munchkins
  • 3 and a bit days till I BECOME ON AUNTY!
5th December 2008 - swimming & nan's

toffee sleeping with all the soft toys

vegging out watching Fred Claus

6th December 2008 - Pancakes and fun in the sun

7th December 2008 - Skinny Cow & the new office

So i only have 3 more days at home alone until the kids finish school for 2008. I so cant believe that my babies are going to be in Year 5 & Year 3 next year. I'm now writing a list of all the fun things we can get up to during the school holidays because they will ask!

I always make up a big calendar too for the holidays and we write on each day what we are doing that way we all know and kids dont have to ask me all the time - plus they get a kick out of writing all the places and activities on it.

WELL....................... that's right! the waiting in now over, i am going to be an aunty on Thursday - THANK GOD! i was getting very anxious waiting and very nervous cause i've booked my ticket to Heidi Swapp this weekend and trac and i leave on friday morning.

Mandy is going in on Wednesday night and will be induced on Thursday morning. I mentioned t Mandy that she will do absolutely anything to get out of going to Presentation Night for the kids, lol. Presentation Night is about as interesting as watching paint dry and i doubt this year shanice and connor are getting awards too.

I am so excited, i am finding very hard to contain myself :)

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