Tuesday, 9 December 2008

one PROUD mum

I was having a VERY, VERY proud mummy moment this afternoon. so much so i screamed at the top of my lungs in the school playground - whoops, lol

Today was Shanice and Connor's second last day of school. End of year reports were handed out and the kids found out which students were going to be receiving special awards at presentation night. These awards are a huge deal and all the kids hang out in anticipation as only a couple from each year gets one.

WELL...................................... both, I'll say it again BOTH of my beautiful bebe's are getting awards tomorrow night. that's right, not one but two of my kids. I am so very PROUD of both of them for all school achievements, they have worked so hard and struggled thru different difficulties to be acknowledged by their teachers is just wonderful.
Yes, i did scream in the playground when Connor told me, cause i just couldn't believe that they were both getting awards. And i jumped up and down too - it was a sight, lol.

I came home to read their reports and i was proud as punch again.
Connor - I except good marks, but this time round the marks was there as well and all the effort. It was the best report i could have hoped for. Honestly I was expecting worse as his hand writing is atrocious and he doesn't like to do things twice, lol
Shanice - I cried. In the 5 years of her being at RJAS i have never had a report as good as this one. Shanice gets beautiful reports for her ability or disability if you want to class severe dyslexia as a disability, and i never expect too much grade wise from her, all i except if for her to try everything to the best of her ability. Well, this time round she hit the mark with her effort and her grades. She tries so, so hard and I am so proud of her. I really need to tell her more often.
whoops - tears are now all over the keyboard

i can't wait now for tomorrow night

no photo yet - i was too caught up in the moment


Tracy said...

Congratulations gorgeous kids!!! what a HUGE achievement for you both, I am very proud of you both also... Big huggs from us and I will give you one at 6am Friday morning lol

Trac x

Nicole said...

Well done Shanice and Connor! Excellent work, both of you.