Sunday, 21 September 2008

a WINNER and a weekend full of scrapping goodness

firstly...................... a WINNER
with all the dramas with sick kids last week i totally forgot to drawer a winner of my 300th post RAK.
So, without further ado. i have dragged conner out of bed to stick his hand in the bucket to draw me a winner........ and here is the comment he picked

Helloooooo! I read your blog too and love it! Kathryn X

CONGRATS Kathryn. shoot me a quick email with your postal addy and will had your goodies in the post asap.
thanks to EVERYONE who left me a comment too :)
On friday we left for the farm for a weekend of scrapping goodness. Back in May Tracy, sherri, Chantelle and myself went away for the whole weekend scrapping to our little hearts content - Well it was time to do it all again.
we didnt want to spend a fortune, so my in-laws kindly offered use of the farm for the weekend. It was a glorious weekend weather wise. The sun was shining, beautiful blue sky with no cloud in sight and there was a cool breeze - just perfect.
These girls are just the best! We laughed so heard we cried, chatted non-stop and did a tad bit of scrapping too.
I feel so myself when around them, and i love it. on several occasional i broke out in song at the top of my lungs and i didnt feel embarrassed or anything cause the next thing i know they are joining in- it's GREAT!!!!
i so cant wait for the next getaway1
cause we were at the farm my kids, hubby and the 2 dogs came, and tracy brought fliss and alistair. the kids really enjoyed the company too.
here are a few pics from the weekend................
all the scrapping goodness being poured all over the table - look at the view out the window!
monsters - need i say more
a little bit of an inconvenience! we arrived to the neighbour shouting over the fence that the wind storm earlier in the week had ripped off the side of the shed - here's the proof!
it took a few hours to clean up the mess.
anthony will have to set about re-building in a few weekends time when his dad gets back from Wales.
as i think i mentioned last week i have started an album on the Scrap Girls retreats. well i did 8 pages over the weekend which is the all the pics from the very first retreat we did. i was really pleased with the result and i'm now looking forward to doing the next lot of pics.......
just need the scrap the group photo for this retreat and it's complete!
i need that silhouette program though.............................. any ideas of where i can get it from?
and here is the 1st layout from the 2nd retreat

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Tracy said...

What a Fabalos weekend it was, I had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed the company :)
very proud of you for actually scrapping AND getting 8 pages done!!!
Enjoy your week
trac x