Monday, 1 September 2008

love notes and lots of random stuff

fistly i need to share what my gorgeous monkey man made for me

on friday night i was working at the computer and shanice was so sick she didn't want to leave my side so we pulled up the other computer chair and she did some drawings while sitting next to me. GOD!!! i love having such a huge desk now, the kids can be with me and there is plenty of room.
anyways, when shanice went to bed, connor thought it was his turn. so he grabbed my decorative scissors and bic pastel markers and wrote this lovely little note for my computer desk. it's so cute.
i'm surrounded by little love notes from my kids. i just cant bare to throw them away.

this weekend was HUGE to say the least. it was so busy i even have to have a nanna nap yesterday afternoon, lol. lets start with friday, shall we.......
  • the desinger for the reno's came over ( a day early) to show us the plans and OMG they are fan-bloody-tastic. BUT the price wasn't so great. now we could afford it no problems it's just cause of the area we live in we'd never ever get the return, which is a shame :( so back to drawing board we go and we are going to look at houses, ropes crossing and building from scratch.
  • friday night i got the cutest little love notes as i have already mentioned - so chuffed, lol
  • saturday morning we got up early and headed to Ropes Crossing to see what house and land packages they had available. it has the most lovely community feel. we only had the time to look at one home cause i had to get home to go out at 11am
  • Natasha's baby shower. shanice came with me as she didn't want me to leave her. it was a lovely couple of hours playing silly baby shower games and such like. tash's mum and sister and so nice and we will see them soon when we go up to foster in the september school hols
  • i raced home cause we had another bright idea! the house behind Tracy's has been up for sale for ages and i keep telling anthony about it, well we went to check it out. actually i went down with the kids, lol. it's on 1 acre which is great and has a pool and trac is right next door, lol. we alreay have started to make grand plans - typical.
  • we stayed for dinner which is a given and cause we didnt get down till late it was almost 10pm before we left to come home. it was a really great afternoon
  • i got to drive my baby all the way down to Bargo and back and i loved every minute of it. even with connor yabbering all the way down and most of the way back :)
  • shanice slept everytime we got in the car. poor bebe, she's so not well
  • sleep in sunday - or so i thought! i had to get up cause Big W was calling. we needed to get a birthday and father's day present for Michael before we went out for lunch
  • the Alroy was packed! we managed to score the last table for lunch. we all ate so much that i had to put the roast back in the fridge for monday nights dinner instead.
  • back to the shops on the way home to get the basics for school lunches
  • and then home for my nanna nap, which i was in desperate need of. i think of almost one whole week of shanice being so ill was very draining on me
  • i watched that aussie movie Scorched while doing the ironing too last night. i loved it! i loved that Georgie Parker played the baddie. the website has heaps and heaps of extra stuff too.
  • the bloody dogs wreaked the laundry door so it wont close now so last night was the first night they slept outside ALL NIGHT - i feel so mean
  • shanice has gone to school today....... and i am on tender hooks that the phone will ringand i'll have to go and get her
  • i have photographed the kits for a class we are holding at the October Back 2 Basics CROPFEST!!!!! yay - i'm so excited about it.
  • my order from Anna's Craft Cupboard arrived at 7.30am this morning. a yummy pizza box containing new Scenic route "surpize" pps, all the new pink paisley pp's, 2 of the new kaiser stamps sets AND........... my fiskars threading water punch which i have been waiting at least 3 months to become available. i'm doing a happy dance right now.

so there's all my randomness, lol. ad now i can go and do some housework

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