Tuesday, 16 September 2008

weekend roundup

we certainly had a busy, busy weekend as usual.

Friday saw Anthony go down the farm (mini stuff) and Connor go for a sleep over at a friends house. So that only left all the girls at home alone - me, shanice and the 2 dogs.
we had a lazy pizza for dinner as i wasn't in the mood for cooking plus shanice and i are big pizza lovers. we watched movies all night and had a typical girly night.
saturday was the kids school fete. what a glorious day! it was stinking hot - summer came far too early me thinks.
i bought the kids wrist bands that week so they could go on unlimited rides - what a fantastic idea! i didn't see the kids all day they just kept running off and had a ball. Tracy came up for the day too with her two munchkins. they all had so much fun. Mum and Mandy came along for the day too, which was great. That blue baby still wont kick his aunty though!!!
trac and i decided to watch the auctions to see if we could grab a few bargains and silly us were standing right in the harsh sun and we got a little sun burnt! well we put hats and suncream on the kids just not us.
after the fete we came back home to have some dinner, we were all so wore out! i think it was the sun personally, lol

shanice on the fling swings

they had this really cool vw bug all done up in BUTTONS. someone has far too much time on their hands :)
out of the sun paint plaster moulds. look at their hot little faces - bless 'em
AND....... for those asking here is the 28 week baby bump! how cute it that.
that little rascal of a blue baby wont kick his aunty no matter how much razzing up i do.
Sunday was a "work around the house day"! gotta love those. i know we did, and it was only 2 days ago but i cant remember what exactly we did do around the house - must have been good!
before i go and watch All Saints...... i must wish MISS TRACY a very, very Happy Birthday.
i hope you get totally spoilt rotten luvie and see you on friday ready for a full on weekend of scrapping with the girls - YAY!

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