Sunday, 7 September 2008

fathers day

well our year of firsts has almost come to an end......
i knew fathers day would be the worst and as it turned out this year mine and mum's birthday happens to fall the very next day after father's day - not good timing, but i suppose it's gets it over and done with quickly. earlier this morning i felt quite sad and lost and had a few moments when i just couldn't stop the tears, but i got there. god, i miss dad.
I know that i should have made more of an effort for Anthony but he understood that i couldn't, not this year. the kids loved the day and made him special gifts and handmade cards with lollies and the best of the best pressies - the ones they picked out from themselves at the fathers day stall at school.
to try and make it easier for me today we carried on as a normal day. we did the grocery shopping, mucked around in the garden and did other household jobs. Anthony played cricket out the front with the kids for over an hour which they thought was the bees knees.
we headed off to the Alroy for dinner with mum and mandy, which was just lovely (i got totally spoilt for my bday, but more of that tomorrow)

during our "normal" fathers day this afternoon shanice and i made choc chip muffins. all i did was pop them in and out of the oven, shanice did the rest. and while i was having a nanna nap on the lounge shanice grabbed my camera and took about 20 happy snaps of connor and other stuff around the house, lol. here's proof

last night anthony took the kids to see the monster trucks at acer arena. they had a ball. connor just loved every moment of it..... and anthony is a big kid at heart, lol. shanice loved it too :)

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Tracy said...

Thinking of you Babe :)

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