Wednesday, 17 September 2008

kylie & DM dont mix!

aka Dimensional Magic
i had a bit of disaster with dm last week while creating. all was going great guns, i'd stuck everything down and was pleased with it was all coming together. i then dm'ed all the circles and set aside to dry. i came back - obviously TOO SOON and had my fumble hands on......
i dropped the packet of Kaiser rhinestones on top of 3 of the drying circles which were so tacky it was ridiculous and when i pulled the packet off, half the dm came with it. it was like sticky toffee!
so i re-dm'ed.
then i went to do the title and low and behold........ i dropped a sticker letter in one the circles AGAIN!!!!! so i have to re-re apply!

AND guess what?
If i have just pronounced to the world what had happened, you wouldn't even notice cause you cant see it, lol

let me just put it out there that i really dont like how my scanner scans! it doesn't give a true picture even after i play with it in CS3.

atm the moment i'm merrily working on a 6x12 album of all my Scrap Girls retreats. I'm starting at the beginning and i'm loving it! i've only done 3 pages so far, lol. but all the background cardstock is cut and in the American Crafts Album ready to go. It's been fun looking back at all the photos.

A question................
how do you scrap people that have been friends with that you no longer talk with?
i really want to include them because i feel no bitterness and they were a huge part of my life at the time. but i am finding that my feelings are still so raw, and i still cry a lot about it.
Do i include them now, do i include them later OR do i leave it altogether???
tricky decision

Another question............
does anyone where i can get a program that silhouettes the group photos and numbers all the people so i can then know exactly who everyone is????
does that make sense, lol

well..... Connor is still at home with me after 3 days of having tonsillitis - poor bugger! he is so resilient, even though he is quiet happy if he does too much it wipes him out for hours. and he has been sleeping SO much. i had to quickly duck into Target this morning to pay some money off my xmas layby and as a treat i got him some new Agents Lego, so he is busy being quiet building that while watching Ruby Gloom - love Ruby Gloom!!!!


Belinda Howlett said...

good question.....i know you can remember the good times. we all do in our lives, i feel for you both as it is sad when great friendships are lost.

Tracy said...

LOL at the DM Luvie :)

In answer to your question... I think you should include the photos, as much as you may not want to or it upsets you, at that time they were a part of your life.

Love the layout of Shanice & Mandy... Oh an that car!!! That must have taken forever to stick all those buttons on.

Trac x