Wednesday, 4 October 2006

the hoola hoop incident........

ahhhh yes the hoola hoop incedent. It was a week ago that this happened and Connor still has some small graze marks on his face.
I think he must have been going thru yet another growth spurt as the 2 kindy teachers told me that he kept tripping over all day and Connor does this when is feet grow. At lunch time he fell over and other kiddie landed on him and he ended up with this massive googy egg in his hair, then later on at lunch is when the hoola hoop attacked.
Now, I still don't know exactly how it attacked him, but from what I gather another little kindy girl (she's not that little i kid you not she's as big as a 5th grader) was playing with the hoola hoop and it somehow mangaed to collide with Connors face.
It made a perfect ring around his left eye. On the Thursday that it happened if I hadn't have been told what had happen i swear it is the perfect marking of a punch. On Thursday night the swelling was huge. And of course Connor had a headache, well i would too after that day.
So on friday he was still complaining of the headaches so I gave him some panadol and let him stay home with me. It was the last day of term so it wasn't that bad.
I spoke to the other kindy teacher in the afternoon, Tanya, who is my friend for many years, since we we're in primary school (how funny is that), said she was down 10 kids that day, so I didn't feel that bad for keeping him home.

Saturday we took the kids to see Barnyard because i forgot to reply to a brithday party for Shanice. I don;t really like the little girl and her family are very pushy and arogant people and i don't want my kids influenced like that. I felt terrible so the movies was a good subsitute.
I also thought it odd to invite 30 screaming 7 year olds to a birthday party but they have to sit thru the girls baptism first. Maybe that's just me, but my kids wont sit thru that unless i'm there to make sure they behave.

Sunday me and kids headed down to Trac's. Sheree and Kaitlyn were going too. The kids all had so much fun. I managed to do more scrapping than I did last time, lol, I chose my photos and I cut my background cardstock down to 8.5X11, lol, yay for me!!!!!
Trac have a great time in QLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What did we do monday...... oh that's right, lucky me had a touch of bloody gasto. LOVELY!!!!! We were going to the pub for lunch with some friends, but every time I eat............ leave that to your imagination -yuk! so i stayed home and layed on the lounge and slept. by 8pm I'd had enough and got my second wind.

Yesterday I worked, and it being school hols, the day after a public holiday it was absolutly fat chat. All the stock for 2 days came in and we were very busy serving all the customers while trying to new movies on the shelf.
Shanice and I went and had a girly night with Jo and Taleesha and went to the movies and saw Material Girls. I love Hillary Duff! Yes I know very corny, but I do, lol.
The girls loved it.

So that's me up to speed. No, today, ah yes today. Today was spent catching up on the 2 page list i wrote while stuck in traffic yesterday. Most of it is Scrap Girls stuff, and I think I probably only did 1/4 of the stuff on that list. So I'd best get some more done tomorrow, though Id' rather be scrapping!


Joanne Bain said...

Hi Kylie
You sound like you are really busy but enjoying it..hope your sons face heals up OK
Have a great day

Alison Jeremijczyk said...

Ouch! Poor Connor! I feel bad for giggling at your last post now.
Hope he's feeling better.
:) Alison