Wednesday, 11 October 2006

loosing posts

god i hate it when you sit here and type a mamoth post only to loose it! yeah, and don't ask me how i even managed that one, lol.

It was all about the lovely day we had on saturday for dad's suprize birthday party. I've never seen my dad in utter shock and speachless. Needless to say he thoroughly enjoyed hmself.

sooooo..... onto this week. Well another caotic week with school hols. The kids are totally driving me nuts, lol.

Yesterday we went to toowoon bay up the central coast with Sheree and Kaitlyn. We met Kelly up there with her 3 kidlets. It was a glorious day, really sunny with a cool breeze. Of course I packed the sun creme on the kids like I do and then totally forget about myself. Yep, I got lovely red boobs and arms, with a huge white gap on my shoulders from my shirt, lol.

and then that leaves us at today........
At the start of the holiday I bought a book of 5 kids movie tickets at hoyts for $35. great i thought to myself that saves me $20 for kids tickets. after we saw the first movie, barnyard at the start of the hols, i read the fine print..... they all have the expiry date of then on Oct 2006. only 1 month to use them. well, it's a good thing that there is heaps of kids movies on at the moment.
so off we went with sheree and kaitlyn, who must be sick of us now (no comments for the side line sheree, lol) to see The Wild. what a cute little movie.
Sheree and i dragged the kids down to target to find a new Scrap Girls shirt for the weekend away and YAY we did and they are very cute and very pink of course. the kids were very helpful going around getting every shirt that was pink and a skinny size and a fat size, lol.
so tomorrow we are off the visit Dal and Makaylah which we do every school hols. It's nice and warm and tomorrow they say is going to be a stinker so it's a good thing the cosies are packed.
then we're staying at mum and dads and up to umina beach friday morning.
so that's me in a nut shell at the moment. I also managed to get heaps of Scrap Girls stuff done too. The challenge kits are all packed and I've just organized the fabric and ribbon packs to go with them. I've finally worked out how my accounting software prints the receipts not just the invoices. and slowly the stuff is taking over the playroom.


sheree said...

Now would i leave a comment like that LOL... i forgot to give you the disks the other day of the rest of the pics i took LOL... will give them too you on sunday.. have fun at your mums...

Kelley said...

You got some gorgeous pics there Kylie!! It was lovely meeting up with you and your kids!! Had an awesome day - hope the sunburn didnt hurt for too long