Friday, 6 October 2006

i'm ready........

I'm all geared up for another awesome weekend of BATHURST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I know, but i just lurve my V8 motorsport. I've actually sent Anthony away to a mates house (about 5 minutes away) to watch it cause he'll just drive me nuts being here, but I'll watch it while doing the ironing, scrapping, playing with kids ect.... where as he won't move.
I'm sooo excited that Scaifie got fastest lap, butwe'll have to see how he goes. Scaife, Muph, Lowes and those bloody Kelly brothers are my Fav's. And I suppose Ingall, but my sister in law, michelle, did not here me say that at all or I wont here the end of it, lol.

holy crap! did you see that doosy of a crash today, my god it was nasty. I had it on while the kids were outside on the tramp and saw it all unfold. I do hope that both the boys are ok.

Ok, off my bathurst box for now.

I met Tricia at Stanhope Gardens yesterday for a swim, well the kids and Trish swam I watched. The pool was crazy, so many kids in it, I'm glad I wasn't a lifeguard......
I took the kids straight up to mum and dads for the night for a sleepover, which is always fun.

Dad was at work today and mum went in to take dad for his appointment with the neaurologist. Nothing has changed, there's no growth or anything which is fantastic news, but still no licence, which dad is completely bummed over.
I think me and kids being there took his mind off things, or at least I hope it did.
While mum and dad were out doing some quotes, i dragged the kids to the shops to get dad a birthday pressie. Mum told me not to get anything as just spending time with us as a family means more to him at the moment, i totally agree, but the kids wanted to pick out a special pressie just for grandad. They chose a West Coast choppers t-shirt for him. Just priceless, pity grandad can't wear it while riding his motorbike at the moment.
While I was spending money, the kids got a brand new outfit each to wear to grandads bithday tomorrow as well as new shoes. ME... i got the usual nothing, lol.
Mum and dad got home around 4ish and we went down to Brooklyn for fish and chios for dinner, yummo. The kids played in the park then walked around the pool and dragged grandad (not much dragging needed) on an adventure up the big bush stairs. Mum and i drove up the top to meet them and then it was time to come home.
sooooo, that's where i am right now thinking i really should put shanice to bed as she's fast asleep on the lounge and i need some sleep myself......

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Joanne Bain said...

Hi Kylie
You are my kinda girl..go the V8's,
I unfortunately go for Richo and Dumbrell. Sorry about Skaife
Have a great day