Thursday, 19 October 2006

proud as punch

yep! that's me.
My little block came running up to me in the school yard this afternoon, proclaiming to world that he was picked to host the school assembly next week when its KM turn.
He is just so thrilled. So tonight we rang around all the grandparents and aunties telling them all to take the time off work so they can come and watch him. we don;t have a video camera but i reckon i can borrow one for this day as this certainly is a huge milestone. When we rang my parents Connor got on the phone and read to Grandad all of his speaches that he has to make during the assemby. Dad couldn't believe how clear he was and that I was not helping him.
i'm just SO proud I'm doing little happy dances inside!
at bed time tonigt he read all the speaches again just for practice.

but poor shanice was a little sad because she's never been picked to host her classes assembly. but i told her that i am just as proud of her for all the wonderful things that she can do that Connor isn't good at. It's so hard cause is really trying with her reading and she is improving which I am so proud of.

well, i'm off to the Hunter Valley tomorrow afternoon for 2 whole days away with the girls. The last time we all went away together was for schoolies (we went on the Fairstar-YAY!!!) back ing 1993, so this just going to be so much fun. We are staying in a pub at Cessnock in a room that sleeps 6 singles, so it's going to be like school camp. I cna't wait.
besides the fact that i really need the break, i can't wait for all the girls to be together.

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