Monday, 16 October 2006

whats with the crazy weather?

Friday & Saturday were absolute stinkers? And today we were back in our winter clothes and I even considered putting the heater on.
I spent about an hour on Thursday cleaning out the air conditioner preparing for the hot, hot, hot weather on Friday and Saturday. I decided that it would be best to stay in doors. Although the heat outside was hot, the sting from the sun was what got you, it was nasty.
Well I managed to scrap up a storm. It's not i often i get the opportunity to do this. I think i fully finished 4 pages, which is huge for me, I'm lucky to get a page a week done.
Can't share these as I have a little secret, lol!!!!

It was Shanice's turn to spend the weekend up at mum and dad's. Mum rang me tonight just to tell me what an absolute pleasure she was. I wish she was like that for me. So i had Connor, and as soon as Shanice left he went in to hypo mode, and he did not stop until 11pm. It was like he'd drunk red cordial straight. I think it was the excitement of not having anyone to fight with for a short while.

Sunday was Kaitlyn's birthday party. The kids had a lovely time, and thank goodness the weather was cooler. I got the job official photographer, thanks Sheree! I did get a bit slack for a while, but Sheree took over. I did score the money shot though. Sheree had organized a surprise of Pinky and Kosi, who Kaitlyn just loves, and i got the photo of Kaitlyn attacking them as they walked in the door - just priceless. I tell you what they were worth every single cent.

We had a pupil free day today. So i took the kids to Nurragingy for an hour. Shanice wanted to take her roller skates and Connor just walked with me. Shanice loves her skates, i might even consider some time at the rink if she gets better. We then went to the playground, i told the kids it was raining the night before so things may be wet, but they never listen, lol. Shanice went flying down the spiral slippery dip straight into a huge puddle and got drenched. Well that was the end of that little adventure.
Ant was home when we got back as his asthma went for six with the crazy weather, so it's been a fun day.

We're back to normal tomorrow, all back at school and I'm back at work on Wednesday - oh yay! (note the sarcasm, lol). So I'd better start packing lunches i guess.

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