Friday, 29 September 2006

ups & downs

This week, particularly Tuesday, has been full of them......
I was sooooo excited that I;d received my very first wholesale order, I felt like a kid on christmas morning. I ranger Sheree and asked her to come over and help me unpack it all. Well that took about 2 minutes, lol.
While we were looking at all the goodies, I noticed an email come thru saying URGENT... great another spam email. Boy was I wrong. It was from Kerry at Grace Lodge where we are holding our November Cropfest. In the servere winds that we had on Sunday it completly ripped the roof off the main building and cause serious damage. Unfortulately the repairs will take till mid-december. CRAP!!!!!! So I made Sheree get on the blower, while I replied to Kerry's email, to ring first of all Blue Gum Lodge in Springwood to see if they have any vancancies, the odds weren';t in my favour but you never know. Well, someone must have been smiling on me because they had room - YAY!!!
So the new place is bigger, which is great and so far all our Scrap Girls are willing to travel the extra 15minutes up the mountains which is great.

So, this week has been a little crazy to say the least.

I've been trying to pack all the challenge kits and have now realised that I think I was another "boy" type kit. So I'm off to put in another order next week. I think 3 challenge kits will be enough to pick from. That will also allow for extra kits which the ladies can then purchase if they want.

On a totally different note ......... I CAN'T WAIT FOR SURVIVOR COOK ISLANDS TO START. How juicy does that look? I'm a huge Survivor fan and have even managed to get Ant addicted to it. So the kids will either be shipped off for the night or put in bed extra early even if it is school holidays.

Well, I;m off to pick up Shancie from school. Connor had a sick day as he was attacked yesterday by a hoola hoop - don;t ask, pictures and story will follow in the next day or so. Then on to a million emails that I haven't had a chance to reply to this week. c ya'.

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Alison Jeremijczyk said...

LOL!! Attacked by a hoola hoop??? That one has the mind boggling. Can't wait to hear the story. I hope your little man is ok though.
:) Alison