Friday, 22 September 2006

odds and sods

I've been doing all sorts of bits n' pieces yesterday and today.
I went up to mums yesterday to give her a hand doing the washing, making the beds and doing the grocery shopping. She's a lot better, but after half an hours of us being out she was sore again. I felt like I helped a bit, but I wish I lived closer so I could help out a lot more.

Today saw me running erands - FUN, FUN!!!!
I did manage to go to Big W to get my photos printed - 217 photos later. That will teach me for putting it off for 4 months. That also included all the happy snaps from when Darrell and Lynsey were her from the UK. So that 1 whole album in it's self, lol.
My grand plan for tonight is to sort thru all the photos and write little notes so I don;t forget anything.

More work to be done in the backyard this weekend. Our neighbours had a huge tree pulled down today so now there is full sun in our backyard which will be sooooo hot, thank god we're putting up a shade sail.

Shanice had a great day today. She brought home her broad bean plant her class has been growing, it broke a little in transit, but grandad should be able to fix it. We have decided to take it up to nan and grandad's on Sunday for Grandad to plant in his vegie patch and look after it for Shanice. It's a good thing me and dad both like broad beans - yes I know - strange!!!!
Shanice can top that, she came home with not 1 but 2 awards today. She got one for receiving 10 tokens in class, and she got a big merit certificate at assembly too for great improvements in maths. I am so proud of her I could just cry.
For those that don't know, she may be dyslexic, and really struggles at school. I have her booked in for an assessment in a few weeks to give me more of an insight.

I shall leave you with this lo I did on Wednesday night at Scrapabout with Alison. They are using yummy AMM papers that are just too cute.
These piccies were taken last week, Shanice and Kaitlyn both got classes within a week of each other and just look too darn cute in them.

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Alison Jeremijczyk said...

Those little glasses are just too cute. Love the layout too.
:) Alison