Monday, 11 September 2006


It's been a long week! You know that saying it doesn't rain is pours, well that's how it feels in this house right now.
It was my and my mum's birthday on friday, but as you get older you realise that it's not the material objects you may be lucky enough to receive but the time spent with family and friends. The best birthday present I received was my dad being here.
The news aint so great with dad, its' a matter at now waiting and seeing if the abnormalities found change any. Dad hates playing the waiting game, lol, so it's going to make for an interesting month.

Sheree and I went scrapping at Sue's from Scraploot on Saturday. It was like being a kid in a candy shop, there is sooooooo much stuff packed into there double garage. Now I wonder if I can persuade Ant to do that here, it'll no doubt have to stay the kids playroom and my scraproom.
Sue stocks great new product and always has heaps in stock so there's no worries about a credit coming up on your account when your goodies arrive and "look there's an item on backorder".
I managed to do 2 layouts which turned out pretty well.
And all I bought was the new (not so new now, lo,) Elsie book. Yep, I'm a bit slow on the uptake. I just wanted to have a look before I bought as I hat spending that much money on a book and not liking it.
Speaking of me and Sheree - SHEREE UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!!!! LOL.

We had some friends over for a bbq on saturday night, which was fine. By midnight after they had all left and Ant and the kids were in bed I had a little meltdown. With everything going on in my life right now just some silly little things that were said about me just pushed the wrong buttons. I left me feeling like a lazy wife who sleeps in too much, a lazy housewife who's house isn't imaculate, and a bad mother cause my kids have issues tiding up.
If you know me better, I don't sleep in the night cause my kids still get me up between 3-8 times a night, I have 3 kids (ant included) that don't clean up their mess so I have too and I work, but mu house is never that messy at all, the only person that thinks it's messy is me, AND my kids try and clean I just get sick of the fighting and yelling so I do it.
But enough waffle about that before I start getting bitchy.

Me and kids went to Tracy's yesterday for a visit in the pouring rain. Ant drove is down because I had no sleep the night before and had been bawling all morning. It was rather thoughtful of him since I just got stuck into him.
The kids loved playing with Flissy and Alastair, even though they only went outside for a very short time in between down pours. Trac and I went thru what we want to order for the November Retreat. So all had fun!
Trac was spring cleaning, so that got me in the mood to come home and do some. Note the word SOME!!! I've cleaned the playroom and put some crappy stuff that was lying around away. You know like dvd's that get left by the TV after they've been watched and stuff.

Well, there's still washing to fold and put away, so I'd best go and get it done.


Scrapinoz said...

Hey Kylie, don't ever listen to what other people say about how you should run your life, I am a complete night owl and so can stay up until 2am finishing off work, this means that some mornings (when I don't have to take the kids to school) I sleep in! So what, I am still getting the same amount of sleep as these people who like to make jokes about it! Makes me cranky at times too!

Tracy said...

Hey Kyles hope you are feeling a little better ;) Don't worry about what other people say, they just don't know what the heck they are on about... Luvs Ya!!!!
My scrap room hasn't changed much since you left here on Sunday, still crap everywhere, but hoping to change that today.
Take Care
Trac x