Saturday, 23 September 2006

2 for today......

well, actually last night.
I finished of one that I started on Wednesday at class, it just needed a photo. Thank god for getting the 200 odd photos printed. And the other one I did for a bit of a scraplift challenge.

I so need to get me some nicer looking alpha rubon'e, those MM are getting a tad bit OLD.......

What a gorgeous day today! It was so nice outside. It would have been nicer if I wasn't cooped up inside cleaning the house.
Ant took the kids to a friends birthday party and I thought YAY! ME TIME, not a chance. I did spend about 15 minutes putting away a stack of papers and cardstock from finished projects. I'm one of those lazy scrappers that sticks her left over's into a pile hoping the "Magic Fairy" will put them away for her.
Then I spent the next hour or MORE ironing - YUCK!!!! I really hate ironing. I was watching a preiview from work though, so that was ok. I watched "The Break Up", and it had me in tears becuase it was looking into a mirror - scary!

So now I'm off the listen to the thud thud of one of our "lovely" neighbours having a party.


sheree said...

gorgeous pages girly.. love that purple one.. oh did i just say you scrapped in purple LOL... talk to you soon.. oh sorry see you wednesday night

tracy said...

GORGEOUS LO's Miss Kylie!!!!! Purple???? You scrapped in purple???? LOL Hey actually so did I last week??? What is happening!!!! It is all Sheree's fault.

Hopefully will catch up with you soon.

Trac x