Tuesday, 4 July 2006


School holidays certainly keep me busy. Here I was thinking that we'd be spending the whole 3 weeks at home, boy was I wrong!
Because Connor had his hissy fit last week and we didn't go and see "Over the Hedge" on friday, I thought that Shanice should not be punished for Connors bad behaviour and I took her out on Sunday morning for breakfast. We met mum and Mandy at the gorgeous cafe at Flower Power Glenhaven. YUM! I was totally stuffed until about 7.30pm. I was freezing cold, but that didn't stop us, we just made sure our table was under on of those outdoor heater thingos.
We went to Rouse Hill Regional park for a BBQ lunch with some friends. Thank god by then it had warmed up some. It turned out to be a busy little day.

On monday we were supposed to be going swimming (indoor, but yes my kids are crazy and will go swimming at the beach these holidays too), but Connor's little friend that we were meeting was sick, so instead we met Shanice's little friend at Rooty Hill RSL for the free kids movie. Well, I've never been to one of these before, they sure do get packed and they line up before opening!!
So this turned into a cheap day for mum. Only having to buy 2 kids lunches that my sparrows could have served, but at least I didn't have worry about buying lunch for myself, lol.

Tuesday took us down to visit my beautiful friend Trac. Was a shame it was raining but the kids really didn't seem to care. I did pack my scrapping stuff, but all I managed to do was pick a photo and draw a sketch. Well the thought was there!! All Trac did was pick a photo and push some paper around. Nether the less I enjoyed the chatting more.

Wednesday will take me to my first online class with Kim Archer, the kids to rock climbing with Ant in the evening and me back to Scrapabout Parramatta for another class. It sure sounds like a busy day.

Maybe I should get some sleep as it's now in the wee hours of Wednesday morning - thank god for school holidays and sleep ins, lol.

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