Friday, 30 June 2006

i survived.....

YAY!!!! I survived the first week of my kids school holidays. Just two more weeks to go.
Don;t get me wrong, I am loving them at home, as I now get to enjoy my sleep ins. I think 10am rises are quite reasonable, and it coincided as well with ABC kids finishing on tele. LOL. I'm NOT that bad, I am awake and are listening to every little thing they say. I swear I've got Inspector Gadget ears that can even detect which cupboard they are in and what object they have gotten out.

I had my post all typed out earlier this morning and then Anthony came in telling me he doesn't like me posting pics of our kids on the net, and then for some strange reason my computer crashed and I lost the whole post. Now I have to remember what I wrote.

I have sprung Connor about 5 times this week in the kitchen making his own vegemite sandwich. He thinks he is so grown up to do this. And who am I to argue with that as he walks all over the kitchen bench, smearing butter and vegemite into the bench and then digging wholes in the margarine. It's far too cute! So I took photos as evidence.

TUESDAY was a massive day for us. It started with me having a Guide meeting at home with 4 other leaders and also having an extra 2 girls to look after for a friend. When my meeting finished at about 11am, I thought the 4 kids would drive me up the wall, so off we went to the park for an hour. They played on the play equipment, ran around like wild children, fed the ducks and raced each other up to the top of the hill. Phew! I was exhausted, and was in need of a well deserved Maccas ice cream cone. I suppose I should get the kids on each too!
That night we had a Guide fundraising night at ROLLER SKATING at Penrith. My kids had never been roller skating, and couldn't wait. It was hilarious. Shanice had been ice skating before and was loving every minute and Connor, well, he was born with 2 left feet and was a sight to watch. He had all the spectators in stitches. But the best part was they had so much fun!

OK!!!!! blogger is not letting me upload any more photos, so they will come later.....

Wednesday we went to Penrith markets for a little looksee. Well, I needed some small zip lock bags and the lady that sells them wasn't there, so we had a saunter thru.Then off the scrapbook shop and as a bride Krispy Kreme followed.
That night I was off to do a class and Anthony was climbing, so the kids went with him. They weren't going to climb but Ant caved and they all had another great night. So much so that they were so exhausted they crashed and didn't wake until 8.30am Thursday morning. YAY for me!!!

Today, Friday, we were supposed to be going to see "Over the Hedge", but Connor had a really bad episode last night and I had to go thru with my threat. All over not eating his dinner. Maybe next week we'll go.

Well that's me up to speed. Its a crap day, so I think I may go and watch cartoons with the kids.
Oh! i did scrap today too, lol.

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