Wednesday, 12 July 2006

day 2 day DRAMAS!!!!!!

Well I was almost here at about 1am Saturday morning while I was waiting for a phone call from Anthony. Why? I hear you ask, he'd taken Connor to the hospital!!!!!
In a matter of about 30minutes the glands at the back of his neck swelled up to the size of golf balls. Now if it was the front, I wouldn't have panicked, but the back I thought was rather strange. So off he went at 11pm. I waited here cause I didn't want to wake Shanice and drag her out too. They got home at 5.30am! I was horrorfied. They were waiting for a pediatrician who never showed up.
So my poor little man has not been himself for the past 4 days. Connor is one of those kids you dont realize are sick until they are better. For him to ask to go to bed in the middle of the day was a shock to the system, LOL. But his antibiotics are kicking in and he's on the mend.

Now onto Shanice. My little drama queen didn't like that Connor was getting so much attention so she decided that she was really ill too so she wont go to bed. Fair enough! So a little ignoring went a long way and she went to bed on time tonight with big smiles, it must have been that special reading I spent with her today while Connor was busy.

My mum and dad are having the kids for 2 whole night and 3 whole days this weekend, so I can get back to some normality before school goes back Monday. So what have Anthony and I got planned - Nothing! I wish. No we're going to build this monstrosity of a storage unit for Shanice's room in the vain attempt that she might keep it clean.
So much for a sleep in on Saturday. I might make up for it tomorrow, LOL. Speaking of which it is tomorrow, well the wee hours of Wednesday morning. So I think I might go and put Connor back in his bed and have a little sleep.

Shall post more on Scrap girls updates soon .......... remind me!

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Alison Jeremijczyk said...

Kids they sure keep you on your toes don't they? I hope Connor is on the mend. Poor little thing, being sick during the holidays isn't much fun.
:) Alison