Wednesday, 5 July 2006

1st online class

How exciting!!! I've just finished my first online class with Kim Archer.
I was great, and I love the layout I've done. I was searching for about 2 hours for a photo last night and still hadn't picked one and about 10 minutes before the class started I was still without a photo, papers or journaling, LOL, typical me! But with less than 1 minute to spare I had found it all just in time.
I'm not the chatty type when on forums and stuff, which is so the opposite to me irl!
Maybe next time when I get used to the set up of an online class senerio I'll be more chatty.

The photo is back in 1993, I was 18 and went on the Fairstar for schoolies with about 9 girlfriends. I don;t remember being sober for any of the trip, but I had the most awesome time. This is me (in the green & purple striped top) and my good friend Leisha. You know what is funny, all the girls that went on the cruise with me are still my good friends today which is so great.

Well, this is now my 39th layout for this year. To say I my goal was to complete 50 this year, I'm well on track and looks like I'll be more that the 50 - YAY!!!!

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Alison Jeremijczyk said...

Great page Kylie. I'll have to sign up for one of those online classes one day too, they sound great. Wasn't schoolies the best! I went to surfers with my friends. :) Alison