Sunday, 16 July 2006

last day of school hols

Well, back to normal tomorrow. Only hope that I can pour myself out of bed that early to get the kids to school on time. I am going to miss my sleep in's.

The kids have spent the whole weekend at my mum and dads. They had the best time and Nan & Grandad thoroughly enjoyed having them to spoil. They went up Friday morning an came back today at lunchtime.
It gave Anthony and I 2 whole day to get stuck into Shanice's bedroom. I managed to throw out 2 massive garbage bags full of CRAP!!! I couldn't believe how much crap a 7 year old can accumulate. Anthony built this massive box unit down one of her bedroom wall. It's taller than her. But it holds everything. She came home and there was even 2 boxes empty, which are now full of more crap that she brought home from Nan's, LOL.
I must get picture tomorrow, the unit is amazing. Anthony certainly did a fantastic job on it.

I met mum on Friday to drop off the kids. We were going to meet at Fagan Park but it was raining so we met at Flower Power Glenhaven as it has this gorgeous cafe with an indoor play area for the kids. The kids wanted to walk around the pond and then around the plants. I managed to whip out a few pictures. Of course my kids wont sit together for a photo so that photo is of Connor, upset because Shanice wont sit with him :(

Trac and the kids came for a visit last Thursday. Which is always fun. We always chat more than scrap. Oh and eat Krispy Kreme's. I did manage to do a layout that I started at her house the week before.

Anyways, I'm rambling, so I'd best go and get some sleep so I can my terrors to school on time in the morning.

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