Wednesday, 19 July 2006

it's quiet......

Today is the 3rd day my bebe's are back at school and I'm noticing the difference in volume around the house. It's soooooooo quiet. So quiet I even had a nap on the lounge yesterday, but let's not go there.
After I did all my housework yesterday I decided I should scrap at least 1 layout for the new For Keeps comp. We all know I'll never, ever finish it, but I made a start. It took me all afternoon to gradually bring out my goodies and by about 5pm I sat down to start. Yep, right at the time I should be doing dinner and bathing children and all sorts. So it was a chicken nugget, chips and vegie night. easy peasy.

Here is my little creation. I just love this picture of Connor and my sister Mandy, who the kids call Nay! Now that's a story.
All Mandy wanted when Shanice was learning to talk was for her to say "Mandy", it was agonizing watching Mandy sit there for hours saying to Shanice"What's my name", well Shanice thought that Mandy's name was "Name" and so it stuck. And she loves it.

Well, I better go and put the dinner in the slow cooker, I've got mum, dad and Mandy all coming for dinner tonight, which is a first. Sheree is on her way over to scrap and I've got an online class on with Kim Archer at 1pm. Phew! a busy day ahead.

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