Thursday, 2 April 2009

tea cups & high tea

I love, love, love High Tea
Any chance i get to go i jump at it!

I had to pop up to mums this morning to sign some legal papers for mum as her solicitor was coming over, so what a get excuse to go out for lunch afterwards - OR High Tea

We went to T2 at hornsby and it is the most gorgeous little place. there is even a shop next door to buy all the yummy teas - which i couldn't resist.
The cakes, scones and mini sandwiches were just to die for. and i chose the scrummiest tea - "Strawberry and Cream" - YUM!!!!!!!

the other week i was watching some doco on Jackie Chan - of all things, some architectural thing it was. And anyway he collects tea cups (cups and saucers). And i thought what a lovely thing to collect, i just might do that myself. i thought about all the old antique shops i could drag Anthony and the kids into, lol.
Well, i just couldn't walk past this gorgeous little bamboo number today. This is the first of my new collection! It is so sweet and dainty and i love it and cant wait to have my first cup of tea in it tomorrow.
i also couldn't resist the cupcake tea infuser! just me!!!! And my first lot of yummy tea. I got the catalogue and have already started to mark the ones i want to try next.


Tracy said...

Love the tea cup and saucer, so cute!!!
So no longer coffee and muffins... Will it be tea and cucumber sandwiches??? LOL

Glad you guys had a nice time
Trac x

Sami said...

Sounds very posh! I absolutely love your tea cup!!!