Sunday, 29 March 2009

zac power and other random stuff.......

lets start on friday........
i always have coffee with the mums from school every friday morning. there is about 6-12 of us that get to together. so on friday for something a little bit different i organised for us to have an Enjo party. It was great......... we bought some great cleaning goodies, cleaned part of my house and chatted till it was almost time to pick up the kids. Next we are going to a tupperware party!

so to get ready for our party morning i spent all of Thursday baking up a storm. I cooked Hot cross bun cookies, banana bread muffins and choc cherry bliss bomb cookies. the best thing about making all those yummies was that i really enjoyed doing it! Plus they tasted really great.

saturday turned out to be a super busy day. i met mum and mandy for coffee at stanhope gardens because i was having withdrawls and desperately needed aunty love from Hunter. while we where out i got some great ideas for Easter presents too.

next we headed across to Parklea markets so i could pick up 3 frames that were on order. Anthony got his Italian job painting framed that Deanne painted him fro Christmas done and it looks fabulous. And i got a 3 photos of the kids and hunter framed.

by lunch time me and kids were on our way down the farm, but i had to stop in to tracy's on the way. my half an hour stop turned into almost 2 hours - sorry trac.

we did make it down the farm before the pub run.............

Anthony thought it would be good fun to mix my drinks and after 6 drinks he reckons i was getting really funny! well it wasn't funny this morning when i woke with a killer headache - but no hangover thank god!

i took Pat into Golburn to do a bit of shopping for Easter. Shanice came with us and got totally spoilt rotten, Connor had decided to stay back at the farm to play golf.

getting on to the Zac Power part of my post..................... i bought connor 2 of the new zac power books he hadn't got yesterday. on the way down the farm he read one whole book and started the second. i picked up the third book today that he was missing and on the way home he started that one and finished it and then went onto almost finish the second book he started yesterday. That boy certainly loves his Zac Power. And he reads just like his dad!

Shanice got a new book too "Tweenie Genie". she's so gorgeous, because she is severely dyslexic she really struggles but tries so hard. Half way thru the drive home today Ant wanted to sleep so i took over driving and Shanice asked if she could read to me which i just love. Every time she got stuck on a work she's lean across to Connor and he'd tell her what it was. Just too cute!

well, i've come home and gone grocery shopping, unpacked everyone's stuff, ironed, cooked dinner and then i made a cake for Shanice's best friends sisters 3rd birthday tomorrow. I volunteered to try out my giant cupcake cake tin i got for Christmas. I cant wait to finish it tomorrow and take photos - god i hope it turns out as well as i hope!

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