Monday, 6 April 2009

camping - rain, hail OR shine

we are so loving our camper right now.
it's all about when we can next take her away and use her. the kids love it, Anthony loves it and i LURVE it.

we had booked in to go back up to Soldiers Point on the weekend just past. we looked at the weather reports all week and we thought stuff it, we're still going.
we took the kids out of school early again and headed up with Anthony's mum and dad. we got no rain at all on Friday
we set up, the kids ran around like mad kids and enjoyed the place because there was only one other tent there where it was almost packed the last time we went up - i think the prospect of rain kept people away.
Saturday morning mum, Mandy and hunter arrived and the weather still head out. we put up the tent and the kids moved all there toys into there to play, which was a great idea. Mandy and i went into town to get a few things then raced back cause we could see the rain fast approaching.
we managed to quickly get the Easter Egg hunt set out just before the rain started right in the middle of the hunt.
Hunter thought it was hilarious as i was holding him, hopping like a rabbit in the rain. he was laughing at the bouncing but couldn't quite work out the rain!
well it bucketed. we found out the camper had 2 roof leaks - not huge ones and they are fixable and the side canvas need it was a good exercise taking it out in the rain.
the kids got slightly stir crazy being cooped up and when there was a break in the weather the scooters and wave boards came out and we all raced them. it made for a super funny afternoon.

i dont think anything beats going away with family!

scooter racing - grandpa, Anthony & shanice

mum scootering

well...... how do i explain this one....... Hunter wanted to race too!!! I think the rain must have got to Mandy as she pram raced, lol

my gorgeous boy

i cant stop taking Hunter pictures - he is just TOO gorgeous

the 2 boys - look at those bright blue eyes

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