Friday, 17 April 2009

playing catch up......

it's been a mad week and i'm now trying to catch up on a million emails and doing bits n' pieces to get ready for the Scrap Girls retreat in 2 weeks time.
i've done half of my emails and thought i needed a little break, so i'm bloggin!
Last thursday, Connor and i headed down the farm with 3 dogs in tow for 5 days away over Easter. anthony was away with work so he met us there and shanice was coming down after school with her friend Brittney and her family.
It was a great weekend. The boys far too much beer, Joh and i scrapped, the kids played and fought and played.
we all headed into Canberra for the day on saturday. It was a gorgeous day. We went to the pub for lunch, let's not go there ......... i have been going to this pub since i was about 10 and having the same ploughmans or drover lunch and i LOVE it! well........... they got new owners and now have a new menu! was not impressed!!!!!
Joh and i shopped up a semi-storm at The Bead Barn and then we head to Brand Depot near the airport for some more retail therapy. I scored some great bargains and spent a small fortune! But had a great day in the process.
we left Canberra and headed straight into a massive storm right on dusk too. Of course it was the girls turn to drive and both Joh and i didn't like it at all!
Each night we sat out on the back veranda with the fire going having a drink and few marshmallows. It was so relaxing and i cant wait to do it again.
somehow the Easter Bunny found the kids and spoilt them all rotten.

Brittney, Zoey, Shanice & Connor in Canberra
besties - Brittney & Shanice

our little fire
For some odd reason i couldn't sleep at all monday night. At 1am i got up cause i was so annoyed at just laying there, so i decided to fold all the washing! then i read some junk mail, then i finally managed to fal asleep on the lounge watching Animal Planet just before the kids and Anthony got up! grrrrr......... since then i have had this massively annoying migraine type headache that just wont go away no matter what i take!
Tuesday i spent the day scrapping at Nic's. It took me all day to finish just 1 layout that i half did over the weekend, but i came out really good - well i think so anyway! LOL
Then on tuesday night the crazy got into me and i decided it was time to pull absolutely everything out of Shanice's room and start from scratch as she has far too much crap in there. All that was left on Tuesday night was her bed and furniture!
This is what i woke to wednesday morning

i could see the floor! OH and this went down the hallway too. So 6 black garbage bags of rubbish, 1 bag for Hunter and 1 pile for the church later Shanice's room is looking much better.
She has a goal too, she has to keep her room spotless for 1 month and she can get an iPod. We'll see.............
Shanice started karate too this week with Connor and Brittney and as a little mid school holiday treat we went to the Drive In.
we saw The Road to Witch Mountain and Confessions of a Shopaholic. There we sat in the back end of the ute with blankets and pillows, i sat next to the truck in a camping chair and we had the best time.

So on the scrapping front i've done a bit - for me anyway.
The other week my good printer with the scanner, copier had a hissy fit and has decided not to work, so had to photograph my layouts and the quality aint that fabulous! But here they are.

OMG!!!!!! i saw this technique for paper rolling somewhere and desperately wanted to try it. What was i thinking!!!! i used really thick pp and it took hours to do these tiny rolls BUT the end result turned out fantastic

so that's the big catch up from me for now................ of to finish my emails

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