Saturday, 25 April 2009

last week of school hols.......

it has been one crazy week.
The kids have both had swimming lessons each day this week. It turned out that the other kids in Shanice's class were all sick so she got a private lesson each morning with her favourite instructor Alysia, who she just idolizes. Alysia even raced her each lap that she did and OMG her swimming has improved so much. the next level is squads and i don't think she be waiting too long before going up.
Connor on the other hand is still a Marilin 2 after 2 years in the same class with 3 different teachers. i feel so sorry for the little bugger but i think we had a turning point this week as his freestyle stroke become more smooth and fluent, so my fingers and toes are crossed for him.

Wednesday saw us leave swimming and head off to my girlfriend Dallas's for our school holiday get together with mums and kids. I so enjoy these girls company and have since ummmmm......... i was 8 years old. They know me so well and don't judge me for whatever reason. I can bounce ideas off them and get opinions that i cant get anywhere else. I honestly don't know where i would be today without this gorgeous group of life long friends.
We arrived just in time for lunch and after a chat and a play Dal had the kids going on an Easter Egg hunt which is so exciting to watch the real littlies do, they get so excited.

Paige & Abby doing "CHEERS" with their eggs

Connor and his eggs.
My little monkey man is just so beautiful. He knows he isn't allowed chocolate but because it was a special occasion he asked for only one and gave the rest to me - God Bless his cotton socks!

And the traditional "sitting on the steps eating ice blocks" photo.

After Dal's me and kids headed up to mums as mum, Mandy and hunter were coming back from QLD. We got there before them so me and kids did a quick tidy up to surprise them before arriving home. I missed Hunter so much........ and so did the kids. I couldn't stop kissing him.

Thursday saw us swimming again and Miss Nic came along too as it was William's 5th Birthday. the kids played for hours and then it was off to McDonald's for a treat. Nic and Sharon popped over so all the kids eat their happy meals and have a play. And Nic was such an angel, she helped me get thru some of my mammoth pile of Scrap Girls tasks.
Well, so she should, lol, she MADE me write the mammoth list in the first place.

so......... the list turned into 2 pages full of things to do which i was procrastinating about doing and making myself get side tracked so i wouldn't have to do any of it. But since making the list i would like to say that there is only 6 things left to do - YAY!!!!!!!
Connor went up to mums for the weekend, Shanice went to Brittney's and Anthony went down the farm so i could have time to myself to get stuck into getting all my jobs done. And it worked.
Still got a few things which shouldn't take too long - i hope.

Tomorrow it's back to normal Sunday night stuff, like piles of ironing as my two kidlets go back to school on Monday. I knew there was another reason i loved private school - no pupil free days LOL

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