Sunday, 19 April 2009


just a post about lots of random Sheppard-Morris stuff:
*this is my 400th post - YAY!!!!
* we had a lovely day down at Tracy's yesterday. after not feeling creative at all we put some Scrap Girls things together and Trac's creativeness came flooding back - YAY!!!!
* i have had a pain in the bum headache since last Tuesday morning that keeps bordering on a migraine - grrrrrrr
* i feeling all inspired to paint my office - more likely tell Anthony what colour and get him to do it as i suck at painting!
* Ant and i are off to see The Fast and the Furious tomorrow night - so cant wait. might have to see it twice though as the first time i might just be having eye candy overload
* i need to try and convince Anthony that we need to go to the Caravan & Camping Supershow that is on at Rosehill till next weekend
* Joh got me the cutest thank you present - CUPCAKE EARRINGS - too cute
* i went shopping today. funny that! and i got Melrose season 3, 2 pair of the cutest ugg boots, the kids and Ant got a stack of books at bargain prices, and i got mine and Tracy's NEW Scrap Girls shirts ready for the May retreat coming up in 2 weeks - YAY!!!!
* i miss my nephew so much it's ridiculous. i wont see him till Wednesday night and i cant wait to give him the biggest Aunty cuddles and kisses.
* the kids start a weeks intensive swimming lessons tomorrow. I cant wait cause i get to sit and read my new book. i love that time by myself.
* we are hopefully going looking for acreage next weekend - my heart so feels so happy about this first baby step in achieving our dream
* i cooked the yummiest roast for dinner tonight. better than my awful attempt last week, lol.
* i hope that Charlie wins So you think you can Dance, OR Ben. I love them all but Charlie just has this certain charisma that i think is tops
* I'm now off to go and watch a movie with hubby and do some knitting - I'm such a nanna :)

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